Metal Nail Accents

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Press on, solid metal nails that never chip! Choose from Brass, Sterling Silver or 10k Gold. Easy to put on, easy to wear.  


Comes with 1 (one) nail, a sheet of 20 nail glue tabs of various sizes and 1 polishing square.

Additional glue tabs and polishing cloths can be purchased.


How to wear your Nail:

Clean your nail of any Polish & dry thoroughly.

Select a glue tab that fits the desired nail.  Attach, then press the metal nail on top and hold for 5-10 seconds.

Enjoy! Dry immediately when wet.  Avoid chlorine.

To Remove, peel the nail off. To wear again, remove used glue tab and apply a Fresh Tab.

Each purchase is for 1 nail.  Custom nails are non refundable or eligible for exchange.


Are they reusable?

Yes! Clean off any remaining glue from the inside of the nail and repeat application process. Again and again and again and again.......

Can I buy a full set or 10 nails?

Yes! this listing is for one nail, but please fill out our contact form for a custom full set.  You can buy as many as you want, but we personally love how they look with 1-2 per hand as accent nails.

Can I get my nail wet?

Yes! Your nails can get wet, but dry immediately.  Avoid wearing your nail in chlorine water.

How long do they stay on?

Each glue tab will stay on for 4-5 days if you do not remove them before then.  Avoid excess exposure to water for maximum use per glue tab.

Can I use liquid nail glue from a drug store? 

Yes, but we find the glue tabs easier to apply and remove from nail.  The glue tabs also offer longer wear.

Can I have them set in gel?

Yes, but please note they can not be scraped or soaked off, and you will need to grow them out until they are easy to pop off.  Easy nail growth fix -after wearing them in gel for a while, fill in the new growth nail with your favorite nail polish color!

GEL TIP! Take your nail with you to your favorite salon.  Have your technician do all your finger nails to match the metal nail EXCEPT the one where you plan to wear your metal nail on. Then apply the metal nail to the desired finger with the glue tab. 

Help! I am having a hard time shaping my nails to match! What do I do?

No worries! Our nails are made to match the length of drug store press ons, so find your favorite set in the same shape and mix your metal nails in for a personal touch.

Can I file my metal nail?

No, it will likely damage or scratch the nail.

I've had my nail for a while, and my brass or sterling nail needs a little shine, what do I do?

Brass and sterling naturally get a little dark with time.  Use the included polishing cloth to shine it as desired.

All items are hand made.  We appreciate your patience as we make this item just for you.  Any items that are in stock will ship within 48 hours. Made to order items can take up to 14-21 business days.  Adding stones or gold plating can a take up to 7-14 additional days as well.

About the designer: 

Georgia Varidakis is in love with raw gemstones and rough metals.  Drawing inspiration from the natural world and the creatures around us, each piece is unique, and filled with little surprises.

 Georgia is mostly self taught and powered with caffeine and curiosity. After studying Textile & Apparel Sciences she shifted her focus to jewelry, bringing along her love of mixing techniques and textures.

 Each and every collection is handcrafted in the USA using recycled materials whenever possible. Georgia infuses a timeless and elegant feel, creating modern day heirlooms that are both dark and romantic and sure to make your heart skip a beat.



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