Retail Partner Spotlight: Moon Phase, Thousand Oaks CA

Posted by Georgia Varidakis on

Welcome to the beautiful curated shop at @moonphaseacupuncture where licensed acupuncturist @newmoonalyson has brought together her amazing eye for designs, love of crystals and her healing touch all in one space.

What does the name Moon Phase mean? As the Tai Ji (Yin & Yang) symbol signifies, we are constantly trying to achieve balance, which can create a lot of grey area. Healing in all forms, comes in phases, like the moon. For instance, acupuncture is cumulative. It builds up in your system. The cumulative effects of the treatments, mixed with the constitution of the patient, changes the healing process. We are living creatures and are always shifting, in constant flux, like the moon. Healing isn’t linear, it comes in phases.
We are honored to be in such good company and part of an amazing space of healing.

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